Search Engine Optimization: 5 Ways SEO Affects Your Company’s Website Ranking

By now, the importance of your business’ online presence has become quite a no-brainer. No matter what category your company comes in, a healthy online reach can benefit it in many ways. Be it creating a brand awareness, building a product-oriented presence or emphasizing on the need of your services, the internet has become an inevitable platform for your business to be on!



The concept of “unique business form” has become quite a subjective term over the years. Globalization has empowered businesses with an unlimited market reach and equal business opportunities. Therefore the market is stocked with many competitors and your business needs to stand out among the crowd to create an appeal to its consumers.

Besides having a responsive website, your business needs guided-SEO to reach out to a wide online audience and therefore, exercise the full potential of its online presence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of using a series of tools and techniques dedicated to driving more traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Here Is Why Search Engine Optimization Important

There are over 1.9 billion active websites across the internet and this number is increasing each moment. While it is quite an obvious thing that your business’ website need not stand out among the whole active lot on the internet, it has to be significantly optimized in order to develop a loyal base of audience or visitors.

According to a study, 97% of the consumers turn to their search engine when buying a product or looking for a service. A well-guided SEO helps your business to reveal its presence when a potential consumer is looking for its services/product. Studies have shown the importance of being listed on the first page of SERPs – 90% of users look through the first page of SERPs. This is where SEO plays a major role in creating the online presence your business needs.

Search Engines make regular changes to their search algorithms. A constant and aggressive SEO by highly experienced professionals in the field is therefore very important for your business. Angel SEO Services, LLC is Houston based SEO Company formed by a group of experts with years of experience in the field. From providing quality Content Writing Services, Website Design Services to Social Media Marketing Services, Angel SEO is one of the leading providers of SEO and related services. Looking for SEO Services in Houston? Call at (832) 382-2024 or fill in this form to get a free website audit.

5 Ways SEO Affects Your Company’s Website Rankings

Search Engine Optimization plays an integral role in your business’ online marketing and helps a lot in generating traffic to your website. Angel SEO Service, LLC has an extensive experience in the field with a large number of grateful businesses. Here are a few ways how our SEO strategies can boost traffic and sales through your business’ website.

Link Building: Hyperlinks Are Important

This is one of the important aspects of SEO for really long now. No matter what search engine your consumer uses, the search algorithm considers hyperlinks to decide on the credibility of your website’s content. Google accounts for over 94% of total organic traffic and this is why most SEO experts focus around the researches on its algorithm to design their strategies for your website. Link building is the term used for creating different types of links – interlinks (between the web pages of your website) and backlinks (from other websites to different web pages of your website. In fact, relevant Content and hyperlinks are the most important factors used by Google’s search algorithm.

Search Engine Optimized Keywords

There was a time when search algorithms considered keywords as the most important factor in page ranking. But after observing the irrelevant usage of keywords (keyword stuffing), significant changes were made by search engines to counter this practice. In spite of this fact, basing your content around relevant keywords is still considered as one of the smart SEO techniques.

Responsive Website Design

An interactive and responsive website design is very important for creating a great user experience. After Google’s July 2018 Speed Update, optimized website design has become one of the primary SEO efforts. On an average, a user takes less than the first 5 secs to decide on the usefulness of a website to their search. An optimized website design with easily reachable important tags makes for faster page loading speed and great user experience. Angel SEO provides quality website design services to develop a new website for your business or optimize your current website for faster loading speed.

Relevant Content Creation

Experts believe that relevant content is one of the most important factors affecting your website’s ranking in the long run. After the launch of Rankbrain, the AI used by Google for refining search results, context of the content has become quite important for SEO. Angel SEO Services, LLC provides quality content writing services adding a significant quality to your business’ SEO efforts.

Use Of Analytics

Analytics is used to monitor your SEO efforts by the use of various tools designed by experts. These tools help and redirect your existent SEO strategies based on the traffic response of your website. Angel SEO Services, LLC use various analytic tools to design and update SEO strategies for your business’ website according to the algorithm changes of search engines.

There are many such ways SEO affect your website’s ranking and future online marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization is more complex than it might seem and therefore it becomes important that you hire experienced SEO professionals for your business.

Angel SEO Services, LLC is a Houston-based SEO Company. Boost your online presence with our full-scale Search Engine Optimization and get an increased revenue from your business. We offer Website Design Services, Content Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing, and other related services. Call us at (832) 382-2024 or fill in this form to get your free website audit right now!.

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