Running Shoes Guide – Finding The Right Fit!

Comfort remains a paramount consideration when talking about running shoes; going for the perfect fit cannot be overemphasized. A comfortable running shoe is a shoe that fits, but finding one is not always easy. Based on the fact that you spend a lot of time in your running shoes, it is expedient that effort is made to understand the running style peculiar to you. That will help you find a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly.

This is a guide on how to find the running shoes that fit you perfectly. And no – it won’t be necessary to scrutinize every single one of the Asics Stores in Australia to get you to a workable solution, either!

What are the running shoes for?

On the surface, this question appears obvious and irrelevant, but the truth is not all running shoes are used for the purpose of running; some are used for training purposes. Also, a distinction between running shoes for tracks and those for other surfaces (like a forest trail) needs to be made. By knowing what your running shoes are for, it is not difficult to go for those which are perfect for you. There are a bunch of Asics shoes for sale which you can pick from.

What is your pronation type?

This is another important question you need to ask yourself (or if you’re not sure, ask the staff at one of the Asics stores in AU) in going for a shoe that fits perfectly. You have to know your pronation type and know what type of shoe supports it. Pronation, in the simplest of terms, describes the way your foot rolls and falls when you walk and run. Before you go for any running shoe, you need to be aware of your pronation type. Every shoe on the market has the specific pronation type that it’s suited for. By knowing your pronation style, you can easily get that shoe that fits. Note that you can consult experts who will carry out some analysis to determine your pronation type.

What length of shoe fits and is comfortable for you?

You have to be aware and sure of your shoe size and keep in mind that the more you run the more room you need. It is natural for your foot to expand as you run consistently; this is why it is important to get shoe that has some space to give room to the natural expansion of your foot.

It is quite common to wonder how running shoes should fit in the toe box. Here is the answer you need: A properly fitting running shoe will feel slightly firm in the heel and the midfoot with some room for movement around the toes. There are a bunch of Asics sales that you can go for like this Australian Asics store which will meet your shoe-length needs.

The width of your shoe should not be left out

The width of the shoe you are going for is equally as important as the length when it comes down to a perfect fit. Shoes that are too narrow can cause serious problems with your feet, while shoes that are too wide will allow too much foot movement and increase the risk of injury.

How should running shoes fit? In the most ideal circumstance, your foot should have the freedom to move from side-to-side in the forefoot without crossing over the edge of the insole. This will be impossible if the shoe is too narrow. Wearing narrow running shoes is a way of choking the feet and there is a high risk of sustaining injuries. When trying on the shoe, make sure you can pinch a quarter of an inch of upper material at the widest part of your foot. If you can’t, then the shoe is too narrow.

Weight matters!

Weight could refer to:


Socks? Definitely!

When buying running shoes, try them on in the evening when your foot is slightly bigger and always try them with running socks.

If your running shoes fit then you will be able to run for mile after mile without experiencing any blisters, bruising or discomfort.

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