Improve Your Customers’ Post-Purchase Experience

The transaction shouldn’t end once the customer has paid for their goods and the order is on its way. In fact, to improve customer retention and enhance your brand image, it is imperative that it doesn’t. After-sales support is big business and the big brands like Apple make it a core part of the experience of buying their products. Your company doesn’t have to go to the lengths they do to create a lasting, positive impression on your customers – simply follow a few basic tips.

Once your customers have completed their purchase and received their goods, follow up to make sure they’re happy. If sent in the form of a brief survey, it can be a great way to get valuable information regarding what they liked about your site and business, and what could be improved. While there is a negative bias when it comes to reviews and feedback, with more people likely to comment if something goes wrong, this is the most important to work on. Take it openly and use it to learn from your mistakes and figure out better systems and processes for future transactions.

This seems like a simple one, but it is alarming how often companies will neglect this most obvious of customer service obligations. Without this information your clients are likely to increase their calls to your business to enquire about the ETA of their purchase, as well as plant the seed of doubt regarding the reliability and professionalism of your company. A simple follow-up email with the necessary details is something that can be automated through many online payment systems, or even sent manually depending on how many staff your business employs.

With so many online companies being single person, or very few people, operations, attentive customer service can seem too time-consuming. However, being available to speak directly with your clients will reap great rewards in terms of keeping them engaged and coming back for more. A small spark of discontent can quickly become a raging inferno in the age of social media, and the being able to get a resolution by talking to a person on the phone or even live chat will often extinguish the problem before it can get out of hand.

Customer relationships need to be cultivated

Leaving your customers to fend for themselves once they have given you their money is a great way to ensure you never see them again. eCommerce is still a leap of faith for many people and having to deal with delivery problems themselves, or receiving incorrect or damaged goods, turns many new shoppers away. Ensure they enjoy the buying experience and find it easier than heading to a physical store, and they will return time and time again.

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