How to make the Video Games much more interesting and engaging

Star Wars: The old Republic is a game made by Electronic Arts, and the game is allowed to play for $15 a month. Well, the response of the players is not satisfactory. Therefore Electronic Arts have chosen a new business model. They are allowing the players to play the game for free.

The strategy is that they want the players to play the game first. When they will like the game to play and will eagerly want to go to the next level, an amount will be charged. Through the offer looks extremely lucrative, the response is not at all overwhelming.

According to the experts the reason behind the failure of the game was not the cost of the game. The experts think, it is happening because of the wrong structure and design of the game. The players are getting bored while playing this game. They don’t want the game to be free. They want it to be much more interesting.

John Snedley, the president of Sony entertainment explained the fact clearly. He said,”The new method which these games makes are taking will be able to sustain their game for long.” He thinks in the last three years games like The Secret World, Rift and Star Wars: The old Republic could not be success strong because of the same reason.

The players want new context in the game. However, it becomes tough for the game makers to provide more interesting things if the game has to be played with only $15 per month. They are not able to get the ample amount of return with this monthly subscription process. On the other hand the players want more contents in the game so that it becomes more interesting. As a result of this the whole thing is becoming quite tough for the game makers.

In War craft MMO games, the players can make faraway lands but cities. However, they cannot make anything new, except the format given by the game maker. Well, in the beginning when the experience with the game is fresh, they feel interest. However, as they continue playing the game they get bored gradually.

Therefore, in modern days game developers are trying to make the game as simple as possible. In games like Mine-craft, the only purpose of the player is to survive as long as possible by digging up and building various things. Now the game depends on the creativity of the player. The player can build various stuffs as they want and thus can try to survive as long as possible.

This kind of gaming is called “emergent game-play.” In this option the players get a good opportunity to build their own new experiences throughout the game and thus the game becomes interesting. Through the social networking sites they will be able to share the adventures they have experienced throughout the game.

Thus the way of making a game is changing to make it popular. The competition is huge. They are trying to make the game in such a way as it can bring the player’s imagination into the game. It will make the game much more interesting.

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