How Strategy Games Can Make A Person A Better Strategist

If we think just a little bit hard, we can draw definite parallels between the big bad corporate world and the world of strategy gaming. Corporate honchos are pros at making strategies, moves and their life is also full of players. Strategizing is a huge part of their work life which practically decided the fate of their professional lives. Similar is the scenario in the world of gaming.

How quickly and correctly you react, in addition to how well you strategize is what all decides your future in the game as well. So it definitely should not come as a surprise that playing strategy games can actually help you in becoming better strategists and eventually help you in your career as well. though the word “gaming” still sounds unprofessional to many people, organizations now are taking more progressive approach in training their team members through strategy gaming.

Strategy games, more specifically online games like Jacksmith and tanks, are now much more sophisticated than ever before and they require serious acumen and concentration to get through them. As the corporate environment becomes more and more competitive as well as dynamic companies are taking more inventive and unusual approaches for training purposes.

Strategy games have a definite edge over classroom training. Sure, books are a great way to teach facts and numbers but books are not interactive. They do not put the trainees under sticky situations to tap their maximum potential. Strategy games on the other hand compel people to think on their feet and make decisions that help them in their decision making skills. They are designed to be interactive and respond according to the inputs of the players. They are a great way to virtually bend rules and test run the potential of new ideas that may be suggested by the team players.

Whether a strategy game is being played by a single player or as a multiplayer game, the feedback is immediately provided by the scores or by the reactions of the other teams. This way the players can quickly learn about moves that may work and moves that may not. Games can be customized according to the needs of the company. As a player continues, the game can quickly assess the player’s learning curve and alter the level of difficulty accordingly. This kind of level of interaction is not possible with books.

It has been proven by various researches conducted over the years that our brains are more receptive to audio visual mediums in comparison to only textual knowledge. Strategy games can create a sense of virtual reality so bigger things can be taught in a shorter amount of time in comparison to regular seminars or books.

The feedback also can be repeated so that the players can analyze and learn from their mistakes. This is very important so that in real life only tried and tested strategies are applied.

So strategy games are not only fun but definitely can make you a better strategist in real world too.

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