How Do Images In Web Designing Affect Your Brand?

According to a recent survey made by Netcraft, there are 140,000 websites launched every single day. In creating websites, web developers usually partner with web designers. They are not only creating effective websites, but they are also making it visually appealing.

Web designers play a major role in the making of websites. They are in charge of authoring, graphic design, user experience design, and more. They work towards a common goal, and that is to cater to the front-end of the programs being made.

One way of visually appealing to website users is to include useful images (including free stock imagery) in the content of the website. Thus, you will find that most online platforms have images in them. These images are there for a reason. In fact, expert web designers say that how good these images are will directly affect your brand.

Why are Images Important?

The saying “a picture paints a thousand words” is true. Images help express the emotion and the feel of your brand. They don’t only serve as a visual stimulation to make the platform engaging. Images in websites can be used as a marketing strategy. Make sure that the pictures you choose represent what your brand stands for.

It is also important that online platforms upload pictures of their products and services. Why? Pictures show how high or low the quality of your products is.

How can Images affect your Brand?

Images can only influence your target audience when they appropriate to your brand and the content of your website. Not convinced that you should be meticulous in choosing images for your pages? Then, you’ll be missing out on all of these benefits:

Most of us can really enjoy a book that has pictures in it. This is also the same with websites. In fact, when customers visit your site, the images are the first ones to be noticed. Use this to your advantage by picking relevant pictures that are visually interesting.

You won’t have to convey through words what you can express in a single picture. This can save you from crowding your site with unnecessary information.

Images can also be a mode for easy navigation. Words can easily be overlooked, especially when the font size is too small. People are likely to click on the image, so attach links to it as much as possible.

HubSpot made a study last 2010 and found out that images receive 53% more likes than text postings. This is certainly a good way to promote sharing. This means that an image can instantly boost traffic and advertisement for free. That is if you know how to pick the right images and use them appropriately.


Concepts that are not easily conveyed through words can be explained with an image right away. You can apply this idea in web designing. With images, you can certainly support your web content and relay your brand’s message more clearly.

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