Does Marketing Automation Need Human Touch

If you are stuck in the imaginary world of marketing automation taking the forefront in all your marketing needs, it’s time to revamp your thinking faculty. The marketing automation can do the bidding, but it’s the human who does the calling.

The raison d’être for marketing automation is to make your life easy alongside improving the overall process. We should realize that marketing automation is not a magical bot that starts working at the click of a button. So, what’s the one thing that helps an MA system to surface its real mettle?

The three key dimensions of marketing automation can be treated as content, process and technology; and now we have to add the fourth dimension of ‘People’.

Here are the key reasons why you need blood and flesh to keep up the momentum of marketing automation.

Right Vision

It takes a storm to create a change and when it’s done it takes everyone by storm. Taking this adage forward, it takes the zest of a team to create a holistic and successful marketing campaign. All said, you also need a leader to guide and steer you through the storm.

Though marketing automation is smart, it can’t predict your company objectives, or understand whether your marketing program is aligned to those objectives. It can automate the process, but can’t roll out a creative campaign or offer a breakthrough strategy across demographics. What you need is a vision, which is much of human intervention.

Content Creation

No software can create an engaging content as it’s difficult to understand what type of content works good for the customers or prospective buyers. So, it takes amazing writing to churn the right content. Without fine chunks of content, the marketing automation won’t work to its optimum. The trick is to get the right person on board and get wonderful content. This is another speck of human intervention.

Focus on Targeting

A marketing automation that knows your target audience can be a distant dream. This is only possible when a human punches in the information. Although your software is intelligent, the level of critical-thinking of a human being is nonpareil. Keep your employees on the job to track the behavioral patterns of your customers and chalk out a plan accordingly to feed into the marketing automation software. This calls for a definitive human touch in automation.


To make the most of any marketing automation program, the sales and marketing functions must reach a consensus on what’s the right exposition of a lead. How it’s defined, nurtured and passed to other departments. This definitely needs the power of discretion and again calls for human touch. At times, this snowballs into an arduous task with organizations doing the same task repeatedly over a long time. At this juncture, your marketing automation falls on your shoulder seeking for help.

Take the Initiative

In the ever evolving field of marketing, all the ideas, strategies and initiatives flow from your core team and not from the software. Further on, the ways to generate demand and monetize your customer base comes from them. Here, the marketing automation is facilitating the human mind with its technological prowess.

Last Shot

The role of marketing doesn’t stop at generating reports to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. It starts there and takes another competency of getting actionable insights coupled with making strategic moves. If this string is not pulled to perfection, the numbers remain as mere numbers.

People are the crucial factor for success or failure of the business. Even if you construct a world-class marketing automation system, the management of it takes a devil’s work and no one can do it better than a human.

As we close, let’s reiterate that no marketing on the planet can be automated to hundred percent. The world is changing at a rapid pace than we have ever imagined, and in this context, the human touch becomes the need of the hour to understand and dissect the system to yield better results. Technology always keeps you on the move and it’s YOU who can add a slice of dynamism to your marketing efforts and use the automation to its optimal capacity. Everything begins with human touch and also ends with that.

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