Apple MacBook Air (2017)

The MacBook Air has become an icon of computers that we see for many years in offices, airports, universities and cafe terraces. This longevity is a problem today. Because, off-set this basic update of mid-2017, the latest evolution of the configuration of this model dates from 2015 and its aesthetic is the same since 2010. So say an eternity in the world of high-tech.

If the MacBook is no longer the best notebook for a very large audience, it remains the most accessible of the Apple range. In France, it is offered from 1 099 dollars with a Core i5 dual core processor, 8 GB of memory and 128 GB of SSD storage. There is a second configuration at 1 349 dollars with 256 GB of SSD. We tested this 2017 model with the option core processor Core i7 dual core 2.2 GHz (180 dollars extra).

Beautiful remains

The MacBook Air still has serious arguments to make: its 13-inch screen that still offers an excellent compromise between visibility and portability, its aluminum chassis that can endure years of use and chiclet wide-key keyboard now replaced on other Apple notebooks by an ultra flat version that does not offer the same feeling of comfort. The MacBook Air is also the latest model to offer a USB-A port while MacBook and MacBook Pro are switched to USB-C. A technological evolution is normal, but still frustrates a lot of users.

Another technical detail that still appeals to the MacBook Air is its MagSafe connector, which detaches automatically when the cord is pulled. For us, it’s one of the jewels of computer engineering. MagSafe has now been replaced by USB-C for power, data transfer, and other connections, but it is not as flexible.

Age begins to be felt

Despite all its qualities, using a MacBook in 2017 gives the impression that time has stopped. Despite upgrading this year with a Core i5 1.8 GHz, the processor is lagging behind those found on other ultra thin laptops. We are still on a fifth generation Intel chip as the founder is about to unveil its eighth generation Core processors.

But for a common use (web, video streaming, social networks, office), this processor is still quite suitable. But at this price we can have something newer. On the other hand, we appreciate that Apple has spent the RAM from 4 to 8 GB. With the Core i7 option, our test MacBook Air has been shown to perform better than some recent laptops with a Core i5. But the most important is the autonomy of 10 hours which remains a reference.

This is the 1440×900 pixel screen that is the most reminiscent of the age of the MacBook Air. It has been present for several generations and does not have the IPS technology that promotes better off-axis visibility. In 2017, it is normal to wait a little better for a machine at this price when we see that we can find the Ultra HD for a ticket close on Windows laptop.

In addition, the MacBook Air still has a wide screen border while we have become accustomed to laptops and smartphones that have almost no more, like the Dell XPS 13 or Samsung Notebook 9.

The price is his asset

Despite our criticism of its lack of technical and aesthetic evolution, the MacBook Air keeps a major asset in its sleeve. Its price has gone down, making it by far the most affordable MacBook. Indeed, the new 12-inch MacBook costs at least 1 499 dollars, ditto for the MacBook Pro (13 inches).
For the budget of a MacBook Air, you can have an ultraportable Windows 10 with a screen and a much more powerful processor and probably more RAM and SSD storage. But those who want a Mac at all costs will find the most affordable option. If you want to sell your old MacBook Air for this latest version then you can visit Macback. MacBack not only offer you best price but also pick your device from home for all your ease.


A few years ago, we said the MacBook Air was the most universally useful laptop that can be found thanks to its design, its record autonomy and its correct performance. This finding is a little less true today as the competition has grown and the design of the MacBook Air shows signs of old age. But the price down, performances that remain acceptable and its excellent autonomy give a reprieve to this flagship model. Maybe the last.

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