Special Sea Turtle Swimsuits made for Diet Research

In order to help the long-term survival of endangered sea turtles, scientists at the University of Queensland needed a way to know where the turtles were foraging in order to better protect those areas. To understand their diets, they devised a clever way to catch turtle poop.

To prevent the samples from dispersing into water, they created a fashionable full body swimsuit / diaper using off the shelf parts. Second-hand sun shirts were sewn together with openings for turtle limbs, and using Velcro they attached the rear nappy.

“The suits were easy to put on, comfortable for the sea turtles to wear, looked great, and Owen was able to collect the entire faecal sample.”

After their swim, the turtles were undressed, and released back in the wild, leaving information that will help protect their species in the future.

Source / Image University of Queensland