Ruben Gonzalez

I’m the expression for all your sheepish, self-conscious, awkward moments. I'm the happy sweat emoji. Here’s my story.

Get Awkward with the Happy Sweat Emoji

Factorialist: Quest for immortality and the cryogenics

The Human Quest to Understand Immortality

Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez is a professional artist from Argentina. He works along together with his wife, Veronica Gonet. They have worked as inkers for DC (Ame-Comi Girls), Marvel (Ant-Man: Season One, Scarlet Spider, Infinity Heist), IDW (Dr Who), among others (Voltron, Transformers, etc). They’ve also worked for magazines, movies (Plumiferos), designing toys and packaging (Licensed by Disney, Discovery Kids, Toei Animation, Cartoon Network), and as concept artist and illustrators in general.

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