We value your privacy. For your convenient use and enjoyment of this Site, Factorialist collects certain personal information and data submitted voluntarily or inadvertently by using this Site. Below are listed the ways Factorialist currently collects and uses information from its users. Certain types of information sharing cannot be controlled by us, and so we encourage you to make conscious choices on how you want your information to be shared with us or publicly. This privacy policy may be updated occasionally, and we will inform you of any material changes via e-mail.


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Mobile Devices

We may collect information from you if you access this Site from a mobile device, which may include a device identifier, the mobile device IP address, the device’s operating system or the mobile carrier.

Social Media

You will have the opportunity to comment on Factorialist through a Facebook plug-in, which at your option may also be shared or liked for your Facebook friends to see. It is not possible to comment without first logging onto your separate Facebook account, which you control. Commenting on Factorialist content with the plug-in will allow certain information from your Facebook profile, such as your profile picture and screen name to be displayed publicly on Factorialist. When you engage with Factorialist through third-party social media sites you allow us access to publicly available information from your social media account (e.g. name, e-mail address, profile photo, gender, birthday, location, your list of friends and their contact information, people you follow and/or who follow you, the posts or the “likes” you make). Factorialist does not gain access to any other information than what your Facebook privacy settings allow to be publicly displayed. Factorialist cannot prevent further use of such information. Before commenting, please consult Facebook’s privacy settings and privacy policies for further information on how sharing this information can be controlled.

Technical Information

Factorialist uses cookies and other similar technologies to provide a personalized experience of the website. Cookies track your browsing behavior and allow certain portions of Websites you have visited to be loaded faster, or certain information and forms to be filled in for you. Additionally we collect information on the type of browser you are using and your operating system. Current Internet browsers have features allowing cookies to be turned off, if you do not wish Factorialist to collect such information from you. However, certain portions or features of Factorialist may only be accessible when cookies are turned on.

No other personal information is collected or retained by Factorialist, and Factorialist uses reasonable care to safeguard all information collected from its users as necessary.

Information collected from you will only be shared (i) with your consent; (ii) with third-party service providers as necessary; (iii) in the event of a corporate transaction; (iv) or when required by law (such as a subpoena or legal investigation). Your use of this Site constitutes an acknowledgement of these privacy practices.

If you have any questions, or for more information on our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us at: contact@factorialist.com