Matt Shih

Matt Shih is a cofounder of Factorialist.

Matt was a creative director in a past life. He holds a psychology degree from Yale, and a diaper bag from wife. When he’s not on baby duty, he loves making cool stuff, coming up with fun ideas, and bickering like an old married couple with the other cofounder.

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David Bloom

David Bloom is a cofounder of Factorialist.

David is a Los Angeles redneck and reformed art director with a passion for storytelling and bows and arrows. When he is done telling Pinky and Tic-Tac Toe stories to his kids he is secretly wishing he could play minor league baseball.

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Lacar Musgrove

Lacar Musgrove is a writer and historian who lives in New Orleans. She holds a BA in English from Boston University, an MFA in creative writing, and an MA in history, both from the University of New Orleans. She is the world’s leading expert on late 19th century cycling clubs in New Orleans and is not entirely sure how she became that. She, her two dogs, and one cat are the current occupants of a century-old shotgun house that she hopes to finish painting before she dies and intends to haunt either way. When she isn’t writing or painting the house, she helps to build increasingly surreal Carnival floats and waits for excuses to wear costumes. When she grows up, she’d like to be an old lady who plays cards and drinks gin with other old ladies on a porch, taking occasional trips to town to shoplift.

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Winnie Lui

Winnie creates stories that are educational and entertaining. An expert in hunting down interesting facts, she’s always ready to serve up the best slice of science and society. A freelance writer, she is published in Converge Magazine, DIVERSE Magazine, and online at SheLoves Magazine and FluentU. She finds her muse by studying international news and by gulping down books by the mouthful.

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Michael Hirshon

After a nomadic childhood spent doodling, eating, sleeping, and growing, Michael Hirshon ended up as an illustrator. He holds an MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, 3×3, American Illustration, Creative Quarterly, CMYK, Gestalten, and the AIGA.

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Eliza Smith

Eliza Smith is a writer, geologist, and travel blogger with an unashamedly large rock collection and a fondness for cheese and cheap red wine. After graduating from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in geology, she worked for two years as an exploration geologist in remote Western Australia and then embarked on a year of backpacking adventures. She flew over the bubbling caldera of an active volcano in Hawaii, kissed the legendary Blarney Stone atop a crumbling castle in Ireland, drank a sensible single stein of beer at Germany’s Oktoberfest (ha!) and relaxed in a hot tub with frozen hair in Iceland. Now she’s about to start a PhD in her home city of Perth, motivated only partly by getting the title of doctor. In her spare time Eliza enjoys reading popular science, singing into her hairbrush and writing about herself in third person.

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Tomislav Zlatic

Working as an illustrator is more than just a nice and refreshing job. It’s awesome! I can say I live for drawing, painting and creating imagery. That brings other challenges like discovering and learning new stuff. I’ve worked on different projects ranging from children’s books to the Playboy magazine. Last year I started working on comics and animation. It would be great to spend more time exploring those fields and working on more complex illustrations. I believe there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy that.

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Lin Ping Chow

I would say I am a cg animator but I am not really what my job is about. I watch/read/share a lot about animation because I love the techniques and being able to create on-screen characters that you can believe in. Ultimately, and also the reason why I do what I do – I want to create stories and worlds out of my art.

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Karen Ellent

Karen has a history of working in print media that progressed into high tech telecommunications and launched a career as a Project Manager in the design of custom hardware/software for the Japanese cellular telephone companies. The transition into various technology verticals was an easy jump, including pharmacy, medical and natural health. With her media and marketing background, Karen began the writing articles for a number of companies and is a published author within a few circles, including an e-book on Karen lives in Florida with her husband and menagerie of animals and wildlife, volunteering as a science fair judge as well as a long-term Coordinator for Florida for the non-profit, The Planetary Society.

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Quinn Fucile

Hello my name is Quinn, but everyone online just calls me Q. (Star Trek reference not intended but I don’t mind.) I am a writer, nerd, and avid doer of things on the internet. I also have a physical disability but really don’t mind, since it gives me a very good reason to literally be that guy living in his mom’s basement. My passion is biotechnology but I love all things science, technology, and science fiction. I have a particular interest in cybernetics as well, as it is my goal to become a cyborg. If you think that last sentence is a joke, well the future is a crazy place.

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Isabel Sterne

Isabel Sterne is a traveling freelance writer interested in stories about science and pop culture. Her work has appeared on,, and Having grown up in Maine and Montana, she has an affinity for cold places that start with the letter “M”.

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Elise Moreau

Elise is a freelance writer who loves everything about science, technology, psychology and the many ways they all overlap to make humans (and animals) act the way that they do. When not busy writing, she spends huge chunks of her time reading lots of books, hiking outdoors, and trying to convince herself she doesn’t need to check her phone every 20 minutes. You can visit her her website and her blog to find out more.

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Emma Foley

I’m an experienced nonfiction writer and blogger who loves to tackle new subjects in my writing. My personal interests sway toward writing about travel and culture with a focus on the former Soviet Union, but I’ve got a diverse portfolio, a knack for research and a flexible approach to writing.

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Ben Neal

Ben Neal is a freelance writer from Kansas City, with an inquiring mind and a drive to never stop learning and improving. When he’s not reading or writing, you’ll find him outside with his family; camping, hiking, working in the garden, or just sitting and contemplating the mystery of it all. Connect with him on Facebook or Twitter to read more.

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Ilya Zonov

Ilya was born and grew up in St. Petersburg. After graduating with a Masters in Physics, he decided to become an artist. At the moment he lives in Leipzig, studies at The Academy of Visual Arts, and works as a painter and illustrator.

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Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez is a professional artist from Argentina. He works along together with his wife, Veronica Gonet. They have worked as inkers for DC (Ame-Comi Girls), Marvel (Ant-Man: Season One, Scarlet Spider, Infinity Heist), IDW (Dr Who), among others (Voltron, Transformers, etc). They’ve also worked for magazines, movies (Plumiferos), designing toys and packaging (Licensed by Disney, Discovery Kids, Toei Animation, Cartoon Network), and as concept artist and illustrators in general.

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Daniel Teran

I‘m a professional illustrator and conceptual artist from Sonora México. I love to illustrate any kind of commissions, the challenge of the creative conceptual work with different tools and media, both traditional and digital, and always explore new aspects of artwork and the making process as well. I like to keep learning and not to be limited by one media or tool as an artist.

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