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What is Factorialist?

We’re like bacon on ice cream, or fleece lining on your underwear – two things that don’t normally go together, but then again, why the heck not?

At Factorialist, we’re pairing story with science. We specialize in making the essential facts more delicious, more entertaining, and more memorable, dressing up plain English with a sprinkle of style and story.

Our original art and graphics complete this production — making every issue a unique concoction.

Follow us down every gopher hole (rabbit holes only end up at tea parties) you didn’t have time to explore in college and during your doctorate research. We promise to deliver the goods – the latest research and most brain-tickling insights from all the “-ologies.” Maybe not scientology, no offense to Mr. Hubbard.

Where are the ads?

If you’re looking for 25 big butts that “leaked” from celebrity accounts, or that eBay recommendation that keeps stalking you all over interweb, you won’t find them here. We’re working hard to keep this space sacred: free from popups and sales advertisements. You’re welcome.

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I can tell a better story / draw better than you

You can? Says who. We’re always on the lookout for talented writers, artists, and storytellers. If you have a great idea that you’d like to have Factorialized, let us know in the form below, and a real human being will get back to you, not one of those annoying robots. Or just send us a message at contact@factorialist.com

Who’s behind this?

Well, at the time of this writing (about 4 months in) we’re writers and artists from nine different countries (Croatia, Singapore, Phillipines, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Canada, Australia, US) and counting. But by the time you’re reading this, it’ll probably be out of date, so we’ll just say it’s a pretty diverse group.

The internet / world is a big place, so thanks for visiting our small slice. Cheers!

Your Factorialist Co-Founders,
Matt and David